I hope this finds you well and in good spirits facing the “New Normal” with COVID 19.

The real estate market is changing. Of course, I could start a blog about real estate like that at any time.

Over the next 2 years, there will be a definite increase in foreclosures and short sales. They will at least put a cap on price increases and quite possibly drive prices down with a recession, although nothing like “The Great Recession” 15 years ago. History shows us that it is extremely rare to have a recession going into a Presidential election. What magic will “The Donald” produce?

New home construction is in full swing, and this will keep a cap on price increases also. So now is the time to sell if you are thinking about it. If you are staying put, for now, it is a great time to take care of any deferred maintenance. You can pay for it now and enjoy it or wait until you do sell and pay for it then in repairs or lower home prices.

“The rest of the story”. COVID 19 also taught us life can be short and unpredictable. Live it to the fullest every day. It will never be prosperous to live in fear.

Denise and I are taking our own advice right now. We are selling our present home and moving up to our dream home on a beautiful lake. When it is right the thrill, tempered with common sense, conquers any fear.

We are now offering a FREE home value analysis, a FREE Pre-listing Home Inspection, and a FREE home fix, repair, and staging analysis.

“Don’t wait till it is too late”!

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