When you buy a house?  The Selling party pays the Realtor’s® Sales Commission. YOU get all the professional help, expertise, and property showings for free.

When you buy new construction? The Builder pays the Realtor’s® Sales Commission. You get all the professional help, expertise and guidance as to which builder, model and financing  best suites your needs, for free.

When you Sell a home? You, the Seller, pay both the Buyer’s Realtor® and the Realtor® selling the house for you. Yes, this can be a big expense, but a good Realtor® can usually recoup his fee for you, by getting you the best price for your house in the shortest time.

Think you can save the commission by selling the house yourself? Did you know that long term statistics show that more than 85% of the FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) that are sold, are eventually sold by a Realtor®, and comparisons show that those sold by a Realtor® bring a much higher price than those sold by the owner.

We have just been talking about the financial part of the transaction here, and we see a Realtor® doesn’t cost you, but can save or even make you money.

A Realtor® will also take the emotion out of one of the biggest financial transactions in your life. Reduced fear, stress, anxiety and worry. Get the house sold much faster than the average FSBO sale and for more money. Without these emotions the Realtor® can be a much stronger negotiator and still get the sale to closing quicker than owner usually can.

A Realtor® will also have lots of ideas about how to prepare the house for showing. You will learn which repairs will bring you a return larger than the costs and which won’t.

When it is the homeowner who is showing the house to the home buyers, they are quite uncomfortable viewing a home when the owner is right there looking over their shoulder, or worse, giving them the high pressure used car salesman approach. They never get the chance to relax and “feel” what it would be like if this were their home. They will quickly move on to view another home and will very seldom come back to the FSBO.

The right Realtor® will save you money, time, stress and make the whole process go smoother.

Buying, Selling or investing, The Captain’s Team is ready to assist you.