New Construction 

Fixed baseline price, energy-efficient, latest technology, no renovation, warranties (peace of mind), everything is new, low-cost ownership, lower insurance rates, personalized; you can pick flooring, cabinets, countertops, style, floor plan, incentives, and lower closing costs. It will take about 12 months from the contract till closing. If buying a spec home time wait will be shorter but many of the personalized options will have already been chosen.


The price is somewhat negotiable, generally larger house for the same price, might have a floor plan or location you like better, will have some deferred maintenance, may want to upgrade and/or renovate; costs of home appraisal, inspection, and survey. Appliances, flooring, A/C, the roofing will have more maintenance costs than new and shorter life span till replacement, insurance rates higher. Move-in in 30-60 days.