• Our real estate prices are peaking
  • Real Estate often moves in a 15-year cycle
  • New home construction is booming
  • It is still a seller’s market
  • The “homes-for-sale” available inventory is low
  • Buyer’s mortgage rates are still low, so buyers are ready

You Need To Know YOUR HOMES VALUE (even if you are not thinking of selling)

  • To make sure you have the proper insurance coverage
  • To be aware of your equity in case emergency funds are needed
  • It could change your mind about when you do or not you want to sell
  • It could affect decisions about whether you do or do not to invest in making renovations
  • It could affect decisions about
    • Retirement timing
    • Career changes
    • Family planning
    • Lifestyle changes
  • It will be a factor if property settlements must be made
  • Its equity should be counted in your assets

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