First and foremost, Sellers want an agent with a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness. Selling and buying a home can be stressful and at times overwhelming. Sellers want an agent who listens to their needs and desires. They want an agent who provides answers based on their plans and goals. An agent who is communicative and keeps in contact throughout the entire process. Sellers want an agent with experience and who will be there to guide them through the process so that little problems don’t become catastrophes.

The members of the Captain’s Team at Sun Realty have over 40 years of local real estate experience that has been based on a “relationship” model of doing business. Last year 97% of our business has been with repeat or referral customers. We have been award-winning Realtors for 18 years now. We would love to have you as part of our “Family”.

The Top 10 Tasks that Sellers want from their agent has remained consistent regardless of the housing market.

Seller’s highest priorities are:

  1. Getting the house sold within a specific time frame
  2. Marketing the home to find potential Buyers
  3. Finding a Buyer for the home
  4. Pricing the home to receive the best offer while remaining competitive.
  5. Best techniques to “dress-up” the home so it will sell for more than the cost of the work done.
  6. Recommend vendors to Seller for fix-up and repairs that may be necessary
  7. Guidance through negotiations with Buyer.
  8. Understanding paperwork, contract options, inspections, and the steps to closing.
  9. Assist Seller in acquiring their next home, whether local or anywhere in the country, or world.
  10. Follow-up after the sale with answers to questions, tax concerns, homestead issues, vendors that might be necessary for their new home.